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About Kurai

Under the instruction of Sensei Roy Sheppard 6th dan, Kurai promotes and teaches traditional Aikido but does not close its mind to learning from other styles. Hand techniques form the core of training sessions and are complimented by training with jo, bokken and tanto.

Kurai Aikido means focusing on the "Way of Total Blending" and in Samurai times was taken to mean "physical stance or preparedness".

Strong emphasis is placed on harmonising with an opponent and the development of flowing techniques.

Kurai actively supports the activities of the BAB and enjoys good relations with senior masters from other Japanese and Chinese Martial Arts. Its students are also encouraged to attend courses run by other organisations and it regularly organises a strong contingent to attend the BAB National Course. Joint courses are also run with the Wado Karate Union, to explore common themes within the two disciplines, particularly immobilizations, throws and movement and to provide students with the opportunity to experience real atemi.

Whilst still retaining its own grading syllabus, Kurai enjoys regular visits from other senior Aikido Sensei who complement the experience of its 15 dan grades. These include : - Sensei Jack Poole 7th dan, Sensei Leslie White 7th dan, Shihan Dr Chris Roworth 15th Dan Bunjinkan and Sensei Jeremy Williams 5th dan Shorinji Kempo (Japan).

Kurai is a friendly organisation, with thriving senior and junior sections. It is affiliated to UK Shinwakai Aikido and registered with the British Aikido Board.

All dan grades are required to hold a full BAB Coaching award, and First Aid Certification, and many also hold the NCFE 'Train the Trainers' Award (NVQ Level 3-4)

Members are also active in providing demonstrations for charitable events and benefit from regular social activities, which help support and develop club spirit and commitment.

The Yeading dojo is Kurai home dojo, with a training area of 72 mats, is located within a modern building offering showers, bar facilities and ample parking.

Kurai Aikido also has dojos in Chelmsford, Essex and Welwyn Garden City,Herts (see dojo location/contacts for details)

The Club is also able to offer members a wide range of equipment at significantly discounted prices.