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Sensei Bill McGovern (3rd dan)

Sensei McGovern started his martial arts training in Judo at the Abbe School of Budo, founded by Kenshiro Abbe, but by the beginning of the 1960's had moved onto Aikido.

He trained under Sensei Ken Williams, National Coach, who awarded him his 1st dan.

Sensei McGovern opened the EYJ School School of Aikido in 1974 to extend the opportunities for students to train, outside the confines of an established club. During this time he continued to train at "The Hut" ( Institute of Aikido) under Sensei Haydn Foster

Having passed the day to day running of the club, to his two senior instructors, some two years earlier, Sensei McGovern considered that the club was now self sufficient and in 1982 decided that it was time to return to his own aikido path and to follow his second love Kendo, in which he was graded 2nd Dan.

Sensei McGovern was graded 3rd Dan in 1979.

Sadly Sensei McGovern passed away in 1986.