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Sensei Chris Roworth (5th dan)

Shihan Roworth is a life long student of martial arts holding senior grades in many styles. He began studying Aikido in 1977 under Sensei Sheppard and in 1986 was awarded his 1st dan. Some six months later, whilst training at the Honbo Dojo ( Japan) he was personally awarded 4th dan by the Doshu. He considers this to reflect highly on the standard of teaching he received from Sensei Sheppard.

He was promoted to 5th dan by Sensei Sheppard in September 2007

Shihan Roworth is known, world wide, as a Master of Hichi Buko Goshinjutsu Ryu, holding the rank Menkyo Kaiden (10th dan) and also 10th dan (Ku-5th Level) in the Nine Schools of Bujinkan.

His other martial arts grades include 4th dan Judo, 3rd dan Shinto Ryu Ju-Jitsu and 2nd dan Karate. In addition Shihan Roworth also holds an Honorary Doctorate in Traditional Japanese Medicine.

In recent years Shihan Roworth, has spent considerable periods training in Japan with Grant Master Dr Massaki Hatsumi, his Bujinkan Soke, but returns to train with Sensei Sheppard, his Aikido teacher, when circumstances permit.

Sensei Roworth is also founder and Director or Studies at the Martial Arts Medicine Institute, Cowley Middlesex