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Jeremey Williams (5th dan)

Sensei Jeremy Williams started his martial arts training as an aikido student under Sensei Roy Sheppard, and having moved to live and work in Japan, he subsequently became interested in the art of Shorinji Kempo, which has a number of crossovers with aikido.

Jeremy, a 5th dan Dai Kenshi, also holds the rank of Fukudoincho (Deputy Doin Master) of Chiba Mihama Doin, which is in Chiba, near Tokyo. A Doin is a type of dojo that incorporates both the teaching of the physical techniques of Shorinji kempo whilst also functioning as a centre for dissemination of the philosophical side of the art, centered on Buddhism. Together with Shibu dojos, the Doins within the organisation consitute the main unit for disseminating the art. It is believed that Jeremy is possibly the only foreigner to hold this position in Japan. Jeremy always makes a point of visiting and training with Kurai on his trips to England, something he says he would never miss!