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Sensei Les White (7th Dan)

For some years Sensei White has supported the development, of Kurai, regularly attending training sessions and courses, and in March 2003 was delighted to become our Patron.

Sensei White began his study of Aikido in April 1962 at the Abbe School of Budo ("The Hut"), which was founded by Sensei Kenshiro Abbe 8th Dan.

His instructor was Sensei Ken Williams, who was also the national coach for Great Britain. He subsequently continued his studies under Sensei Haydn Foster.

Sensei White was graded 1st Dan by Sensei Nakazono in 1965 and 2nd Dan by Sensei noro in 1971. He is one of the few Uk students to hold a certificate of dan grade signed by Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido.

Sensei White has met and trained with many Aikido masters from around the world, and as a Senior BAB Coach regularly teaches traditional style aikido at courses throughout the UK.

Sensei White was the founder of the Traditional Aikido Ryu, and for many years its Chief Technical Instructor. In Sept 2005 Sensei White was appointed as President of TAR.

Sensei White was awarded 6th Dan in July 2001 and 7th Dan in May 2012

He now lives and teaches in Cornwall, but continues to visit "his clubs" in the south

A Celebratory Course was held at the Wycombe Judo Centre, in May 2012, to mark Sensei White's 50 years in Aikido.