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Sensei Roy Sheppard (6th dan)

Sensei Sheppard started his training in 1970 at "The Hut", West Drayton, (Institute of Aikido) under Sensei Haydn Foster.

In 1975 he joined the EYJ School of Aikido (now Kurai Aikido) training under Sensei Bill McGovern 3rd Dan.

He was graded 1st Dan in 1980 and 2nd Dan in 1982.

In 1980 Sensei assumed joint responsibility for the running of the club and in 1982 became its Chief Technical Instructor.

Sensei Sheppard was also Chairman of the EYJ Martial Arts Centre, for 15 years, which was a unique dojo having 9 martial arts, drawn from Japanese, Chinese and Korean traditions.

Sensei Sheppard has studied a wide range of martial arts, and in 1987, Dr Massaki Hatsumi, Grand Master of the Bujinkan Dojo awarded him 4th dan in the 9 schools of Bujinkan, a number of which were also studied by O'Sensei, the founder of Aikido.

In October 2005 Sensei Sheppard was awarded Menkyo Kaiden in Hichi Buku Goshin Jutsu Ryu(10th dan), by Shihan Dr Chris Roworth 10th dan (5th Level).

He has also received several special awards including:-

Award to mark his significant contribution towards harmony in martial arts

(signatories to the award included Grand Master Kim Han, Southern Shaolin Five Ancestor Fists, former Coaching Director to the British Council of Chinese Martial Arts and Sensei Tony Heap 7th Dan, Chief Instructor, Wado Karate Union).

National Association of Clubs for Young People - Keystone Gold Award for 30 years voluntary service to young people.

London Federation of Sport and Recreation Gold Award for 30 years Voluntary Service to Sport

Sensei Sheppard was graded 6th Dan in October 2005 and as a Senior BAB Coach, regularly teaches at courses throughout southern England.

He is also a member of the Board of the Heads of UK Shinwakai